Top 5 Jamaican Snacks You MUST Try!

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Jamaica is known worldwide for its delicious dishes due to the immaculate combination of spices and herbs. However, little is mentioned about the wide array of tasty snacks that are available almost everywhere on the little island.  The following are the Top 5 snacks from Jamaica you MUST TRY:
big foot cheesy
Ideal for the persons who love cheese! The puffed cheese snack is fashioned in the shape of a three-toed foot. These are a must have in every Caribbean home. It’s available in cheesy and hot and spicy flavor! Shop Jamaican Cravings Box for cheesy and spicy Big Foot.
jamaican coconut drops

This sweet treat is made with dried coconut, sugar, ginger and local spices for a sweet and savory sensation. The "drop cookie" batter is poured on tin foil and left to dry before being consumed. Shop Jamaican Cravings Box for tasty coconut drops.
Chippie's banana chips is arguably the best when it comes to banana chips game in Jamaica. However some will dispute that and say St. Mary's banana chips takes that title. Banana chips are crunchy chip snacks made from bananas, as the  name suggests. Jamaican Cravings Box has the freshest, shop 
4. Ti-gaz
Travel to any corner of the island and you are bound to find a child enjoying a bag of crunchy Ti-Gaz! These goodies are a cheese lover's dream. I grew up on these snacks and had them almost everyday at lunch time. Visit to grab your bag.
tamarind balls
The fruit of the tamarind is shaped into balls and rolled in sugar. It’s a great take-along snack for quick energy. Shop Jamaican Cravings Box for tasty tamarind balls. 


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